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5 tips for Best Web Design in 2019

Hello, good people. Since the beginning of the internet, web design has remained at the core of its functionality. However, times have changed the way people look at websites.

10 years back, websites were considered good as long as they provided information to the visitor. In 2019, a website is an informational brochure, a product catalogue, a work portfolio and most importantly, a marketing tool.

Statistics informs that there were more than 1.94 billion websites on the internet on January 1, 2019.

In this scenario, how does one ensure that their business website stands out? If not amongst billions, your website can definitely be the best in your area.

Don't worry, we will give you the top five tips which can make you the best website design company in no time. Here they are -


Your website should compel the visitor to click on more pages. Try to understand the buyer's journey. Suppose you were a store manager looking for an inventory management solution.
  • You will first begin with a Google search.
  • You come across a blog article on a barcode maker.
  • You find it interesting and read it.

Now, your action after this article depends on the content and design of the website? Does the blog redirect you somewhere? Do you find the website attractive enough to explore further?

Your priority should be to develop a dynamic website which keeps the visitor interested. This will not only help you in getting more traffic but also in reducing bounce rate.


When you use hard to read content and too many graphics, your visitor gets confused and disoriented.

An average human being's attention span only lasts for 8 seconds. The only trick is to make them notice you in such a short time is to blow their mind with the first impression. Here are some tricks with which you can engage your visitors with content

  • Don't use jargons. Simple and eye-catching sentences are always preferred. Learn about some interesting content related tricks on our blog .
  • Use graphic designs to create a visual identity which keeps the users interested.
  • Keep the images clean, concise and clear.
  • Use your blog articles to provide a helpful solution to potential visitors.


How many times do we close a website because we do not find things easily on their menu? Plenty.

Do not develop a site which is disorganized and clumsy. Keep your menu bar easy-to-find and straightforward.

Your main products and services should be clearly accessible from the homepage. Your USP's should be mentioned in a smart and effective manner. Do not use designs that disrupt the flow of your web design.


Stop making your homepage shorter. The user of today spends his/her entire day scrolling on their smartphones. An attractive homepage with the right information is the hit formulae. Just like a power resume, your website homepage should also have all the necessary information on the first page. Some of the information that you can include are -

  • An overview of the services offered
  • A snippet of your "About Us" page
  • A small video describing your company
  • Your USPS.
  • Links to Blog Articles and Case Studies
  • Testimonials and Client Reviews

Remember the more they scroll your page, the more you roll the money to the bank. (Sorry, not sorry)


It is 2019. Websites are being accessed from the smallest of screens to huge projectors. If your website is not responsive to the screen it is being viewed on, it immediately loses its utility. You need to build responsive websites to appeal to every type of visitor.

If you want to know more about responsive websites, please read more on this blog.


In 2019, the rules of web design have evolved. Now, there're two kings - customer and content. A good web design agency ensures that every new website is developed with an innovative and user-friendly approach. Top Sites on the internet are simple, fluid and highly informative. Best websites are known for their recall value.

So, next time you search for “website design companies near me", try being available because nobody knows your business better than you.

Also, do not forget to include a call to action.

Speaking of which, check out our web design services and don't forget to leave a comment.