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 Top 5 Ways to Write Effective Content that Converts and Sellsg

"Content is King"

The baseline of every business today begins with showcasing their products and services online with content. You can have a website, a social media marketing strategy or even list your products on e-commerce websites.

These are few ways through which one can bring their offerings online. However, what makes them stand out is "content".

As per statistics, there are 4.4 billion users on the internet at present. In order to garner their attention and make them notice you, you need compelling content.

It is true that SEO forms the core of optimizing visibility on the search engine. However, it is the content which makes users stay.

SEO can only bring you on the forefront; it is your content that will make you hold your ground.

However, writing content that makes your potential customer click on "Buy Now" is not a simple task.

In this article, we tell you 5 secrets with which you can write content that generates sales.

  • Follow Your Competition and Customers: It always helps to keep a track of what your competitors are doing to drive traffic and sales. Keeping yourself abreast with their ideas will help you in offering something new to the users.
    Also, it is even more crucial to keep a track of what kind of content your potential customers find interesting. A constant track of these two factors will help you in devising an effective content strategy.
  • Provide a Solution: When a person types something in the google search bar, he or she is ideally looking at solving a problem.
    A piece of content created with the objective of providing a solution always helps in attracting the attention of users. Your content must have an attractive headline that directly addresses the problem statement.
    Similarly, the length and type of content must depend on the type of problem it is. Instructions can be given in an infographic whereas a piece of detailed information should require a blog article.
  • Give a thrilling title: In the world of the internet, a book is judged by its cover. If your title is not interesting, the quality of content is not going to matter.
    One of the best ways of finding a suitable title for your next blog is to simply do a google search. The first few pages will immediately give you an idea of titles that are in vogue.
    Besides this, you can always take the help of websites like buzzsumo for finding effective titles.
  • Keep it Simple: Your job is to simplify and provide solutions. Using jargons, technical terms and unusual words will not help you grab your reader’s attention.
    Refrain from using difficult language and keep your writing conversational. Write the way you would speak to a friend. The readers are looking for a light, informational read - give them exactly that.
  • Always Call-to-Action: Never forget your purpose for creating content - calling users to action. Everything you compile, create, design or write is for directing the users towards your products or services.
    However, it is important to take care of when to include a call-to-action in your content. As per research, the right time for a call-to-action is when the emotions are at their peak. We will give you an example below.
  • Content writing or content creation for online platforms is much more than just keyword research and writing long blogs. Creativity, domain knowledge and a quirky presence of mind are required for building an effective content strategy that converts and sells.

    If you would like to get content that actually adds value to your brand and increases your sales, do check out our services.

    Also, let us know if these tricks helped you. Please get in touch with us here.

    PS: This was our example for call-to-action. Ciao !