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In today's era, the process of delivering food has gained more reliability. There are many firms that provide food delivery services and they are now operating this service through Mobile applications. This makes it easier for a user to order food at any time, any place in just one click with the help of a food delivery app. Needless to say, food delivery apps are also easily available to download and install from google play store an iOS app store.

Food Delivery App

Why a food delivery app was required?

Earlier, when there were no food delivery applications available in the market then, the food delivery service was provided from an owner of a restaurant only and not through a unified portal. Moreover, not every restaurant had the resources to provide food delivery services. At that time, if a person didn’t want to go to a restaurant and required the food at home, then, the user had only one choice - to order food from that restaurant which provided food delivery service. The customer had very limited choices or no choices at all.

What does a food delivery app do?

A food delivery app mainly solves the following problem of a customer:

  • It provides all the best restaurants to order food which are nearby to customer.
  • It takes the shortest time possible to deliver the food.
  • It asks you about your experience or feedback about the delivery boy and the restaurant.
  • It refunds your money if there is any problem with the food you ordered like food's taste, food's packaging, etc.
  • How does a food delivery app work?

    Now, when it comes to the design and development of an application or the food delivery application then it mainly depends on:

  • The user who is going to use it.
  • A restaurant owner who is going to prepare the food.
  • A delivery guy who is going to ship the food.
  • And the admin who will manage it all
  • "User"

    The user for a food delivery app is simply a person who requires food at his/her place. First of all, a user has to download and install the food delivery app on their mobile device. After downloading the application, the user has to do some very basic and common tasks as follows:

    1. Log in/Sign up with Google+ or Facebook account.
    2. Enter your contact no.
    3. Mark your location in its inbuilt map.

    After providing a location, the user will be able to see all the nearby restaurants with their ratings. Now a user can choose any one of the restaurants from that restaurant list. After choosing a restaurant, the user will see the menu list of that particular restaurant and will be able to choose any food items from the menu. After choosing the food items the user has to do payment and then the order will be placed after successful payment.

    Now, the user will be displayed the track of his/her ordered food like food request is accepted or declined from the restaurant, food is cooking, food is shipping and shows the location of the delivery boy there in the map.

    In this way, the user will get his/her food at his/her place as soon as possible.

    Food Delivery App User

    Restaurant Owner:

    The restaurant owner or manager at a restaurant will be the person who will look after the order food from the user.

    The owner will accept or decline the request for the ordered food as per the availability. If the owner does accept the food request then, the user will get the notification that his food request is accepted and it is cooking. And if the owner declines the food request then the user will get the notification that his food request is declined and his/her money will be refunded. And the app will further ask to order something else.

    So, the owner of the restaurant has only the responsibility to prepare the food and to pack it. And the owner will get his money after the food will be dispatched.

    Food Delivery Restaurants

    Delivery Guy:

    Delivery guy is a guy who takes the food from the restaurant and delivers it to the customer. The delivery guy has the responsibility to deliver the food as soon as possible. And the delivery guy will be paid per order directly from the app.

    Sometimes the delivery guy also has the responsibility to collect the money from the user because when the customer chooses the option of cash on delivery then only the delivery guy has to collect the amount of the food from the customer. And the delivery guy has to transfer that money to the admin through an online payment.

    By the way, the option for cash on delivery option is chosen very rarely by the customer as the cash on the delivery amount is high as compared to the online payment method.

    Hence, the delivery guy has the only responsibility to deliver the food as soon as possible.

    Food Delivery guy

    Admin of the App:

    The admin has the responsibility to manage and monitor all the data of users, restaurants and delivery guys which are registered with the app. According to the orders placed by a user, it decides to give some discounts to that user so that the user can place more orders there.

    Also, the admin has the responsibility to manage his different teams like customer care team which solves all the queries of a customer, team which collaborates with the different restaurant, the team that manages all the delivery guys, marketing and branding team of the app, etc.

    An Admin of the app analyses that the app is working correctly or not because all the things are being managed from this app. Admin also checks if any other feature which can be added in his app. It is his responsibility to contact his developer's team and discusses the feature or any other problem related to the workings of the app.

    Food Delivery App Admin


    A food delivery app is going to be in very high demand because nowadays, most of the people like to order food at home. The food delivery app solved a huge problem of a customer by saving his time in delivering the food and from increases choices of the best restaurants. Basically, the Food delivery app is a value for money for the users.

    Everything about Food Delivery App

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