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Food Delivery App

It's almost 2020 and we run our lives with the help of a swipe or click. From finding a partner to getting your food at your doorstep, everything happens on an app. In the past few years, food delivery apps have become the center of our existence. Home Delivery by apps is the new norm and most of our times go by browsing through restaurants near me options.

The success of exclusive apps related to food delivery like Foodpanda, Swiggy and Fasos is a testimony in itself. Their success has even inspired other market leaders like Uber and Zomato to enter the business of online food delivery through Ubereats and Zomato. Thanks to all of these, our days go by in redeeming coupons and applying discount offers.

According to statistics ,

  1. By 2020, the use of food delivery app will go beyond 44 million people in the US.
  2. By 2023, it will reach nearly 60 million people.

  3. Food Delivery App

  4. In India, the revenue from food delivery app could reach nearly $15 Billion.

Going by these statistic, the cope for food delivery will only increase in the near future. However, this isn't the end-all to applications related to food business or restaurants. In 2020, the customers will be smarter than they were before. Lucrative offer and free home deliveries will no longer excite or delight them.

As an owner of a food business, restaurant or even take-away outlet, there are many other services that you can include in your online application to make it more inviting. In this article, we will discuss 3 exciting services that will help your food related application stand out from the rest.


    Online applications are in demand because they provide convenience at a low cost. Increasing traffic and a high demand often leads to a long queue in restaurants. An app to book a table in a restaurant will provide convenience to your customers and help you manage clients at a rush hour more carefully.

    You could give an option of online table booking in your restaurant's exclusive app. This is also an interesting idea to build a specific app for reserving table. As per research, hotel table booking apps are much required.

    Some of the features that your table reservation could have are a follows-


    • A login section for users with a manual sign-up option and another for login through social media profile.
    • A graphical representation of seating arrangement so that your clients can select their preferred tables for booking.
    • An option to check the menu and pre-order few dishes for quick service.


    • A panel for getting notification for every table reserved.
    • An hourly or day-wide representation of the restaurant seating arrangement to see the availability and occupation of the restaurant.
    • An option to see customer profiles for understanding their food preference and special events. This information can be used for sending them special offers and to curate personalized greetings and offers for them.
      A restaurant app with a table booking feature can do wonders for your food business. It will help you provide your loyal customers with one more incentive to visit your restaurant more often.


    Another important service that you could add in your restaurant app or even wing as an independent app is a drive-thru or curb side service for drive-thrus. Drive-thrus are the future of food business and mobile apps only make it much more simple.

    If your application has an option for the users to choose their food without having to physically come to your outlet or even before they reach the drive-thru, it will make their experience better much better.


    • An option for detailed menu and payment getaway.
    • A panel to specify the approximate time to reach the drive-thru.
    • A OTP or Code to identify the order on the drive-thru


    • Notification with estimated time of the client reaching the drive-thru
    • A reminder for the next batch of order.
    • A reminder or notification with an OTP for the order at drive-thru

    Just like home delivery, pickup service (without a drive-thru) are also getting popular and will become very important in 2020. It would be beneficial for your restaurant app to have a pickup service tab included.


    • A separate menu for pick-up services.
    • An estimated time period before you reach the restaurant.
    • An OTP for your order


    • A separate notification for pick-up orders.
    • AN OTP that you can assign to your delivery person.
    • A reminder for the next pick-up.


Limiting your food application just home delivery is not going to get your restaurant or food joint much traction in 2020. What you need is to include more exciting facilities that could delight your customers and compel them to order more food from your food outlet.

Developing a simple food delivery app is not a simple task but adding these services will not be difficult with great developers by your side.

Food delivery and apps related to restaurants are the most profitable business prospect in 2020. Bringing your restaurant in online business will help you reach your markets effectively. So, if you’re planning to start a food business online, app development should be your top priority.