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" The future lies in Mobile Application Development"

It is the age of smaller devices and even shorter attention span. For a generation which has grown up on a smartphone, the world begins and ends with a mobile application.

We, at Roaring Studios, understand the market wave and provide you with full-fledged Mobile Application Development services.

For a traditional businessman, the digital revolution has been a little disorienting. The gradual switch to a website with professional web design was the first step towards embracing the change.

However, with an influx of smartphones, the internet and the digital world has become simplified for the older generation.

They understand the benefits of being available online.

On the contrary, the entrepreneurs of the younger generation begin their journey with the idea of a mobile application.

They know that the world revolves around Android phones and iPhones. They're eager to simplify life for people through their mobile phone.

Why Mobile App ?

In case you're still unsure about whether your business must have a mobile app or not, let us take you through a few points . As per research, the average time spent on mobile phones has increased 575% in past few years.
- 80% of a persons time spent on mobile devices is actually spent on one or the other app.
- A mobile app helps in gaining brand visibility and establishing a direct connection with the target market.
We have the required expertise in SDKs, cross-platform development, deployment and programming to turn your idea into a reality.

Why us for your Mobile Application?

Our fuel for good work and motivation lies in our customer-oriented approach in the process of app development.
Our process begins with acquiring a complete understanding of what a client is looking for in a mobile app.
Our team consists of developers highly experienced in developing mobile applications for every platform like Android and iOS/iPhone and for every industry possible.
An app developer needs to be quick, innovative, practical and a great coder.
Believe us, we are all this and more.

To give you an idea about what we can do, let us be more descriptive -

a) Android App - Android is the fastest growing platform for mobile users. In order to reach a better customer base, it is only wise for a startup to launch its mobile application on Android. Our team has expertise in developing Android app with usability, great design and variations.

b) iPhone App - iPhone Applications or to use a more technical term "iOS lApp" will never go out of the league. They help you get the right international exposure. They help you establish strong brand value and can improve your user's experience by providing a flexible user-interface.

c) Cross-Platform App - "Mobile First" is the right approach for any business. Any idea deserves a mobile app that runs on every mobile device. Cross-platform mobile apps help in controlling costs, reducing development time and easier implementation.

Our aim is to create impressive, easy-to-navigate and social media friendly mobile applications. If you would like to know more about us, please flick through our idea behind Roaring Studios. If you would like to discuss Mobile Application Development or any other service, you may drop us a quick hello .