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“Do you want your Application to be fast like UBER or NETFLIX?”

The word Mean has a lot of meaning in itself. The MEAN stack is combination of four important javascript based technologies and frameworks which are MongoDB, ExpressJs, Angular,Node Js.

The high flexibility of this technology, cost effectiveness and open-source platform supporting the JavaScript software stack makes this technology more efficient and popular. Javascript plays a great role in binding them together and for developing dynamic web applications.Mean Uses Javascript Object Notation commonly termed as Json .MongoDB offers users to save their data in Json format. Node and angular both use Json. Popular websites which are running on mean stack are Ulbora,, etc.

Features of Mean Stack:-

  1. Large-scale companies do not need to appoint different people to work on a single project.
  2. We can generate an isomorphic code with Mean stack because advantages of using javascript based technologies are not only limited to client side applications but also extended to server side applications.
  3. In Mean stack, refreshing rate of web page for every server request is much greater than traditional web applications. It has introduced a new career profile called full stack javascript developers.

Nowadays, people are switching their technologies from php to mean stack just because:-

  1. Surveys suggest that Php is slower than otherserver-side competitors like Node.
  2. Node has separate modules for any operation, i.e, no interference of other operation and bugs are easily fixed.
  3. Less or no chances of occurrence of deadlock mechanism which means the application runs smoothly in almost every case and no blockage stage comes easily.
  4. People using different technologies can easily switch to Node.

Some of the major companies that use php are: facebook, flipkart, slack, etc. Companies who made the shift for node are well-known to all of us. They are big successes like Netflix, Uber, linkedIn, ebay, Walmart, etc.

The world is growing day by day. Everyone wants to be fast and updated so when we compare the speed and optimize our web applications by php server, you will always find node the better and fastest one.