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“We don't just build websites, we build fastest websites that also grow your SALES”

According to current surveys, nearly half of web users expect a site to load in 4 or 5 seconds or even less. If it's not loaded in 7 or 8 seconds, they're already on their way to another site.

Nearly 70% of online buyers who have problem with website speed admit that they don’t revisit a poorly performing website again. Almost 44% of them suggest their friends to avoid poorly performing sites.

Hence, to improve the chances of attracting and retaining traffic, your website must be performing exceptionally. The only ways to optimize your website are:-

  1. To compress the size of images as possible as you can.
  2. Make gzip compression of css, javascript and images.
  3. Use the css cache data as much as you can.
  4. Mostly use vector images and svgs.

Some of the best tools used to check the website optimization are:-

  1. Page Speed Insights: - Page Speed Insights is an online tool which helps in identifying performance best practices on any given website, provides suggestions on a webpage’s optimizations, and provides a bundle of ideas of on how to make a website faster.
    Visitors who use Page Speed regularly can view all given metrics by Page Speed Insights directly in a browser and download webpage resources optimized according to web performance best practices.
  2. Pingdom: - Pingdom is a website that monitors your web performance activities and tests the speed of your website. It is a complete free of cost tool.
  3. GT metrix: -GT Metrix helps in giving an accurate estimate about important parameters like Page Load Time, Total Page Size and Total No of Requests and even helps in analyzing analyze the average speed of your website in comparison with others.
  4. Google Web Master Tool: -It is an absolutely free service that helps you to analyze, evaluate and maintain your web application in search conclusions.
    From the largest search engine, it offers you to see your website performance and uncover issues that needs fixing.

In conclusion, we would like to remind you of the purpose of a website and why it matters. Someone rightly has rightly stated that a successful website does three things:

  • It attracts the right kind of visitors.
  • Navigate their attention towards your major offering.
  • Collect Contact details for future ongoing relation.