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From Mismanagement to Orderliness.

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Our client is a well-renowned printing company. The firm started with few orders but with their quality service and premium product, they soon became a known and trusted name in printing industry.

Client’s Issue:

  • As the business flourished, the number of orders grew dramatically. During the initial phase, the number of orders would be limited to 5-6 orders per day but they increased to 15-20 orders.
  • Without a proper tracking system in place, the task of tracking and delivery became ambiguous, time-consuming and often misleading.
  • This even started affecting the completion of assigned task and thus, the deadlines were increasingly being missed. The co-ordination amongst the team was going downhill.
  • Ultimately, the absence of a proper process led to delay in deliveries, assessment and even ordering.

Client’s Expectation:

The client was managing their orders in an excel sheet which was shared among their team. The team was using this same excel sheet to see their work assigned.

What they required was a sophisticated digital solution which could help in managing their business process with the help of real-time data and business analytics.


  • The system was to have real time access and constant updating of task to facilitate smooth operations.
  • It would help in managing deadlines, calculate user performance and figure out overall sales, purchase, inventory, and expenses with the following features -
    1. A multi-user system with user types such as Team Member who has limited access to information.
    2. Full access to Admin/ Manager so as to run the whole system.
    3. Orders were converted in jobs which were then assigned to various team members
    4. Dedicated Clients Accounts to manage cash flow with automated payment reminder SMS service.
    5. Orders Updates were sent to the client using an SMS gateway.
    6. Product Pricing was added to serve both agents and clients.
    7. Expense tracking to eliminate paper vouchers.
    8. Special Reports to track inventory consumption
    9. Sales and Collection Reports.
  • The system would not be just limited to streamlining intra-house activities but would also extend to customer service management.


The Business Solution provided by Roaring Studios exceeded their expectations at every level. The entire process of the work is streamlined and is extremely clear.

The tracking became transparent and the evaluation of the task is more clarity. This helped in proper following of instructions and improved efficiency.

These internal improvements led to overall performance betterment of the entire organization.

Our customers are delighted and there is a visible increase in recommendations and repeat orders.

In conclusion, a simple application of the right software led to better sales and long-term profitability.