How a Pizza Joint Increased their Sales
with a Mobile Application

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Local Pizza Joint went Giant

    A popular pizza joint in the city decided on expanding their business. It was already well-established. As their next step, they decided on investing in making their business operation smoother and customer satisfaction greater.


  • They were serving about 400-500 customers per week. With their equipment & expertise, they could easily cater to 2,000-2,500 customers.
  • Due to limited area of serving, they were not able to fully utilize their potential.
  • In order to give their best to the business without incurring the cost of infrastructure, they decided to go for a Mobile App.
  • With too many restaurant to mobile apps in the market already, they did not know how to make theirs different, customer-centric and optimum.


  • Roaring Studios entered the picture here. We realized that their popularity was due to their taste and warmth of their staff. Thus, we decided to create a Mobile App which would contain the elements of their physical pizza joint.
  • Their Mobile App would be real-time update enabled to facilitate decision-making.
  • Their Mobile App would have a smooth ordering system which would help users in placing right orders while enjoying the benefits of reward program
  • An integration of a payment gateway would let the management keep a control over the money floor.
  • An admin panel would also help in detailed reports regarding sales, inventory and payments.
  • Our specialized reports would also contain a panel to highlight the peak ordering time to help advertising team.
  • The Mobile App will also allow third party vendors to see their items like beverages on the app.
  • With smooth ordering system user were able to get what they wanted and even enjoyed the benefits of the new reward program.
  • New Payment Gateway Integration would make it easy for management to control the flow of money, which was assisted with detailed reports from the Admin Panel.
  • Our system also allow them to add 3rd party vendors to sell their stuff on this platform as add on products (like, beverages).