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vacations edutainment

    Vacation Edutainment is a travel company catering specifically to education sector. They organize educational tours all over the world with itineraries customized to include destinations and activities which facilitate learning and educational growth.


  • Vacations Edutainment organizes educational tours both nationally and internationally. As a part of its routine operations, the firm has to take care of the bookings of a large number of students who opt for different itineraries and facilities.
  • As per their model, one single destination could have an array of options to choose from in terms of hotels, flight timings and other such facilities.Handling these dynamics is not as simple as it seems on paper. With growing number of bookings, the operations took a new turn.
  • With passing time, their business started to face major operational issues owing to the fact that the tasks could be ruined even by a single wrong booking and yet, there seemed to be no way of bringing an order to the operations.
  • There were multiple packages for a single destination and managing them was becoming a more confusing task every day.
  • Similarly, the volume of hotel bookings and other details was now too much to be handled through a simple excel sheet.


  • They joined hands with RS to find a solution for their operational problems.
  • We suggested incorporating an online booking panel for their website.
  • The panel requires the client to fulfill every minute detail regarding their chosen package.The client could choose their hotel with details like the type of room and occupancy on the online panel.
  • The destination for pick and drop facilities can also be chosen from the drop down menu indicating all locations.
  • With this simple panel, every minute detail pertaining to every client could be tracked with accuracy and in real time. This would also help in bringing transparency and dividing the burden of duties and responsibilities.
  • As expected, this panel helped in streamlining the entire process and volume of Vacation Edutainment growing business. Now, there was clarity in process and lesser ambiguity. Every Client's information was clearly and uniformly stored which ultimately helped in arranging the logistics too.

    Even though Vacation Edutainment was essentially a digitally-driven organization, a simple inclusion of an effective and well-planned attribute helped in making their operations far more easier. It is not just important to use new technology but it is also essential to do it optimally.