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Power of 100 lines

Since the advent of technology. Method of doing business has changed quite a bit. As the mind set of customers is changing, new methods are being introduced into marketing and advertising techniques. With businesses more focused on acquiring customers, smart business houses are also looking to improve and develop aspects of process management. It is only fruitful to grab 1000 orders a month, only when you can process all of them. Delaying the orders creates a bad impression; and in today’s world of social media, bad news spreads fasters than light. Another ill effect of overwhelming volume of work, is loss of opportunity during that busy phase.

Now that we have established that process management is as important as marketing and advertising. We, at Roaring Studios, have always put emphasis on all aspects of a business, especially when it’s about process management. Our Software Solutions are like hydraulic fluid – powerful enough to displace heavy weight also flexible enough to be used in any shape and size. It’s only after spending more than four years in creating such solutions, I have realised the power of code which we have been developing. It is safe to say that only 100 lines of code can relieve you of doing several calculations while creating an Invoice, or that same 100 lines of code can give you easy access to your inventory, giving you an insight of your current position. We have gone to great extents to provide accurate system to manage the money which runs through your business. Our system is not only an Internal Management System, but also a tool to enrich customer experience by giving them the power to create repetitive orders, tracking order status, account statements and also making online payment through PGI.

The amount of time which will be saved by avoiding the hassle through tonnes of paper work or getting a correct update on progress of the work done will be a great boost to your personal and professional life.

You know what they say about time, if can’t create it, you might as well save it.