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   Sabahet Amjad


Your company needs a website. This is a simple fact that needs to be followed upon in today’s business scenario.

You might have a new venture that needs to be established and thus you will need a website.You might even be the owner of a flourishing business that needs no introduction but you do need a website now.

Internet is the biggest reality of today and we need to align our businesses with it to remain relevant and in the race. In order to understand the need for having an online presence in the form of a website, we’ve listed few advantages –

  • Internet is the new Yellow Page : Not so long ago, when we had to find information about a business we would refer to the yellow pages found in every household. Nowadays, we log onto the web and search.Imagine a prospective client or an existing one had to find information about you and they don’t find you on google. This is a mistake no business can afford in this age. These days, to be visible is to be on internet with a website..
  • Your business runs 24/7 :The “closed” sign on the shop is not a restriction anymore. With your business website, a prospective client can always look into your product/service or any other information that they need practically during any hour of the day. Every business now has this ease of access; denying your business the same would only result in a loss.
  • It is good for the image :L But, what about strong goodwill? Yes, that still remains the key to the prosperity of any business. However, a good website showcasing the products, achievements, and testimonials from the clients come handy as a catalog for your business that can be accessed by all. Your website is your visiting card in the digital world. The more impressive it is, the better.
  • Cheaper than you think : Getting a website made for your business directly translates into an expense that you think that you don’t really need. But, do you know that getting a website made for your business is, in fact, not that expensive? It is probably lesser than what you would spend on other sales techniques. Though, the benefits you may derive will outnumber the definitely money spent. So, choose your investments wisely.
  • Makes your brand stronger : We all dream that someday our businesses will become our identity. With a proper website, you can give a global presence to your dream. Your philosophies and timeline can be showcased before the world. It shows what you stand for. It shows what your brand offers. A website is the first step towards brand building.

If you already have a website for your business, good move! Now, try to compare it with your competitor’s and improve upon it if needed.

If you don’t, we hope we have convinced you to go for one. Hope to see your business’s website on the web search next.